Tuesday, April 10, 2012

currently obsessing

Sorry for the lack of post! 

I'm totally obsessed with Pinterest! 
I actually think it's a better fit for me!  I can hit and click right away and say less!
For me... fewer words the better! "I'm not a word girl".
  And...have no time for photo shop!  Just tons of pretty pics! 
Instant gratification and a little chit chat
fellow pinners and bloggers!

Take a  peek of all the fab and beautiful
things I've been finding.

french oak floors & chairs

fabulous vanity with even cooler rug!

amazing kitchen with amazing calacatta - cha ching!

built-ins - and the crystal mayflower hanging
from the ceiling!

so spring!
a happy place to sit!

More pics on my Pinterest! 
You have to take a gander at all the
inspiration and beauty
in one place!

I'm so happy!

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