Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Tile Fetish

I've always had a little tile fetish! Why wouldn't I?  There are so many opportunities
 to use a beautiful handcrafted, cement, ceramic, marble, whatever you choose in
or outside your home.  I think using a bold or fun tile separates the men from the boys! adds an extra element of beauty! Another layer to the cake!
Feast your eyes on these gorgeous works of art!
Designer - Tom Scheerer - Brilliant!

Designer - Lopez-Quesada (Crushing on her right now)!

Super fresh and elegant!

Loving this look of the bold patterns combined! 

I'm obsessed with these cement tiles! 

Mosaic House

told you, obsessed!!!

KMinc - shameless plug :)

I am not crazy about tiles on the counter top
however... I have to admit that the pattern of this composition is beautiful!

New from Ann Sacks

Love these patterns!

What's not to love, right???

Hvae a fabulous day!


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