Friday, March 9, 2012

Designer Crush

Hi there,  This is M!
Kirsten, is out playing and I will be writing today's blog.
She has been working nonstop lately and needed some rest!

Another designer who may need some rest is Sig Bergamin!
OMG, he is being published everywhere lately  - oh well, good for us!

If you happened to read the April issue of Architectural Digest you probably
noticed the home of Sig Bergamin. I find it hard to miss - let's just say the design is bold!

The architect says that he likes to let his imagination run wild.
Sure enough, his designs are wild, unique, ambitious and... GORGEOUS!

I gotta say that as a designer I am always thrilled to discover inspiring spaces.
As a Brazilian designer, I am even happier when they relate to Brazil  :)

Enough talk, meet Sig!  He is the dude relaxing in the sofa.

Below is a little taste of what you will find in the Architectural Digest article:

 The project below has been around for a while,
but it is too cool to leave out of this post.
Combined, the pattern of the rug and draperies makes a perfect composition.
Also love the mondrian wall decor in this room

Ethnic and modern all rolled up into one amazing room!
Really like the funky chair on the left side of the room
and that suzanni... my living room totally needs that piece!

LOVE this!!

this photo is like music to my ears :) 

I see a collector vibe in most of these rooms.

I love how the staircase works as a white canvas... simply beautiful!

Love the bed, the bedding and the wall color... perfect!

That's it for today.

Go check out the full articles on Sig Bergamin in
Architectural Digest and Elle Decor... pretty fabulous!

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Have a fabulous weekend!!!


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  1. Have a great weekend.

    He is master of colour& pattern.