Monday, February 20, 2012

weekend discoveries

I've decided to start posting on Mondays, my weekend discoveries.
   A lot can happen in two days! 

1. I suck at Words with Friends!  I like the friend part - but
this game drives me crazy!

2. How amazing our backyard is!
Especially, long walks with Family!
(my niece, SAM, the blond in leopard)

3.   I made this awesome soup, yesterday!
White bean soup with Turkey meatballs and kale!  Yummers!

4.I know... I'm so hooked on these movies! 
 OMG...they left me hanging at the end
with Bella's red eyes glaring at you!  What's next? 
 How long can this craziness go on for?

5.  Blog and Tumbler greatness
love his blinking eifflel tower


Awesome! Love, her whole attitude, style, and approach
on Design! I'm changing my ways starting today!

Well... maybe not so fast!  Design greatness!

6. Fabulousness!!!!! by Lars Bolander,

Hope you enjoyed!

Have a beautiful week!

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