Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lovin GRAY!

I gotta GRAY thing going on!'s not the hairs on my head!
I'm working on a living room right now for a pretty cool chick and her hubby with a boat
load of kids and two English bulldogs.  Soooo, I can't do the whole white thing for them. 
They need something they can all hang together on for TV night,
the kids can put their feet on and sneak a snack or two,
 the dogs can sleep on if they don't get caught! So...I'm going gray!
You know...indestructible!
 However... keeping it beachy, fun, and hip with tons of pillows!
I started stalking all the gray linen sofa's, pillows,and fab's I could find.

Restoration Hardware

West Elm
Cisco Home

perrrty!!'s the direction we want to go with the help of a few Design greats!

 This room speaks for itself by Commune Design!

I'm obsessed with their pillows!!! 

Sorrrry!  Got a little side tracked!

not gray,but...LOVE the leather sofa and the whole vibe of this room! 

see the puppy??? that's what I'm talking about!
whatever that decorative thing is on the sheep skin is - I want!!!

I'm sorry.  I can't rememeber where I first saw this photo.
 If you know who designed this room,
please enlighten me! Because...It's awesome!'s what we've pulled together so far!

Promise to show photos of the room when completed.
I'm thinking...the commune pillows are a must!!!
Don't you agree??

It will give the gray sofa that pop of color it needs! 

Have a fabulous Thursday!


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