Wednesday, February 29, 2012

amazing restaurant design

I LOVE finding new restaurants, and it is not just for the food.
I have a thing for restaurant design.
It is beyond cool when you find a place where the food is fabulous and the environment is right…
no need to be fancy, just right. That is the case with the new restaurant Palmilla
in Hermosa Beach – although I haven’t tried the food yet the design is delicious!
With no further ado, get ready to indulge yourselves!

How beautiful are those pendant lights?

  The wall with the chain is such a cool design element!

yum… the food looks good too!

Hermosa Beach here we come!!! 

Have a good day!

K & M


  1. Looks amazing - i can't wait to hear whether the food is as good as the decor - enjoy!

    Happy weekend, Stephie x

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  4. Great Post! I love the stark white colors and the industrial feel of some of the furniture and lighting here- truly a beautiful design. I'm currently in the design stage of my own restaurant- the colors and simplicity remind me of the special urethane flooring we picked out. It looks great and completely resists bacteria and water. Thanks.

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