Wednesday, January 11, 2012

45 Three Modern Vintage

So peep's I got a secret! Typically, we(designers) don't  divulge all our sources, but... it's really not a secret anymore because I found it on style by Emily Henderson’s blog, “where i'm shopping".
 I also heard that some of the HOT SHOT ID peeps(peter dunham) shhhhh, weren't very happy when she started spewing her secret shopping spots.  But I'm soooo glad she did!!!  
BTW,  I saw Emily - my new BFF, HA! -  at the Rosebowl swap meet on Sunday.  I acted like a star struck dork!  I was sorta freaking out - "OMG, that's Emily Henderson" - She is such a cool chick!  And...super funny!! 
OKAY, I know... get to the point.
The point is I went to 45 Three last week!  I've probably driven down Fairfax a hundred times or more and never noticed this amazing shop.  Stacey, the owner is super hip, gorgeous, and... nice!  She's has beautiful treasures from all eras. Her interior paint colors were pretty fab too. After I left her shop I couldn't stop thinking about these BIG bold stripes on her wall!!!  

see what i mean!!!!

love this chocolate sofa with the greek key trim!   i need that table too!

nice little mid century chair - check out her legs!

i could totally see these in a little girls room.
they were so petite!  and ... look at those tassels!

more good sh..t!!!!!


 You've got to check it out!  



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