Monday, December 26, 2011


I'm exhausted!!  I've decided to go undercover until next year!  All I want to do is stay in bed with the covers pulled over my head!  I came down with a nasty cold on Thursday and managed to plow through Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!  Which by the way was beautiful!!!  We ate yummy food,drank some(a lot) of exceptional wine and spent quality time with family!  However, I'm paying the price today!
I'll take any one of these beds!  It's a beautiful thing an unmade bed!

this might be kinda scary!  check out those fangs!

 and... this is the bed of choice, MINE!

We wish you all a happy new year!
KMI, needs some well-deserved rest... See you next year!

Big Hugs!

K & M

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