Friday, December 2, 2011

christmas count down

The holiday season is here!!!   I know some of you over achievers and well organized peeps may have started before Thanksgiving. My head just started spinning officially this week - that feeling of excitement, joy and stress all combined in one!!!   My mind literally starts working overtime, how am I going to decorate my tree, white, pink or classic green, icicles or rope lights on the house, red or yellow poinsettias, natural elements or decadent? How am I going to decorate my mantle, what am I going to fix for Christmas dinner, what’s my table going to look like, what about the cards, photograph or store bought?  Which relatives are we not speaking with, what do we get the kids - now that there adults and rather have the cash (!!), what do I give to our clients?... holly shit, the list doesn't end!!   OKAY.  Call the doctor and up the xanax for the month!!!

Here are a few images to get you in the spirit in case I just overwhelmed you!

Save a tree!

I did this last year for my clients - I got the crates from the rosebowl flea market and filled them with my favorite decadent treats and of course a bottle of vino!

Feeling the holiday spirit yet?

Have a great weekend!

K & M

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