Friday, November 11, 2011

blogs we stalk

This is the beginning of our blog faves!  Obviously we couldn't post all our favorites at once... there are so many out there in blog land!  So don't get your feelings hurt if you're not in the first 5 (not that any of you are reading our blog anyway... hint, hint!).  so here's our LOVE for the week.

because she's unbelievably talented, smart, ballsy, great sense of humor, beautiful,  and... I can say i knew her when!!!

 a recent find through the Telegraph - Amazing bloggers, their french, sisters, totally rock, and... LOVE their online shop!

who doesn't like cupcakes and cashmere!!!  a little fashionista w/ great style and pretty pics!!

always chic!!!  check out her Paul Newman post!!  serious eye candy!

gorgeous interior pics, fabulous fashion, she's someone you'd want to have lunch with!

Enjoy your weekend!!

K & M

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