Friday, October 7, 2011

Were back!!

I've finally crawled out from under my rock!  Summers come and gone, which BTW it was fabulous!!! I am remodeling KM inc. website and also in the process of jazzing up my blog too. To be honest with you all, I was super busy over the summer and also SUPER frustrated with the direction
I wanted to go with this blog.  I obsess over everything: textiles, furnishings, fashion, FOOD, friends, family, etc.  I felt limited blogging only about interior design.  So.... now we can randomly talk about everything and anything without having that Interior Design logo hanging around our neck.  Anyway...I just quit posting.  QUITTER!!!!!!  After some serious soul searching, and five months later I said to myself - stop being intimidated about blogging!!  Who cares if you don't know how to do photo shop (photoshop), and your pics maybe a little crooked, or....ramble on about silly stuff!!!   Just post!!   "New Day - New Blog".
And.... the key to any successful business is an amazing design assistant.  Meet, Ms. M.  Oh... John may throw in his two cents too every once in a while if he's not too busy traveling and doing his own s_______t.

M and her studly husband J
fyi, this is not her daily attire... lol

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  1. THANK THE LORD YOUR BACK!!!!!!! I am sure you won't never do!

    M, consider yourself the luckiest design assistant in the world working for KM....she is EVERYTHING you'll ever need to know about the design world so soak it up like a sponge!!!

    Love you Kiki, thanks for the constant support....xoxo A