Monday, April 18, 2011

Party Barn

A couple weeks ago my Mom dragged my older brother and I on a little weekend trip to Paso Robles. Of course just like when we were young we were pleading with her, "Mom do we really have to go"???  Well...Mom's have their way! We had an amazing time!!!  The point of my little blog is that I fell in love with this barn and Paso!!  My head started spinning with ideas and grand illusions of living in the country and doing weddings and wine tastings.  First photos are my family pics and then comes the PARTY barn!

Rosemary in full bloom!

This bridge was built in Oregon and trucked to Paso.  My Mom and my bro getting a little History.

Yummm.  The best homemade bread, right in this little portable pizza oven.



The prettiest MOM ever!

Here it is!  My Party Barn!!! Isn't she beautiful!!! 
How cool is this shot!

Here are a few inspirational images that got my wheels turning!!

How much fun would this be!!!
Enjoy your day!

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  1. Kirsten,
    you could pull this off in the most beautiful, elegant, hip, slick way!
    I want to be at this party...who's ever it is!