Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Wait stop the Car!

I was on my way home yesterday from a job and I was starving.  I decided to go to the Brentwood Country Mart which is always DANGEROUS!
One of my favorite Home stores happens to be in this charming little shopping area.  Thank God! I didn't have my CC with me.  I could of done some serious damage at CALYPSO Home!!

This pendant was amazing!

$320 bucks for this Moroccan throw. What a fabulous ottoman this would make

Sending this keepsake box  to my niece

awesome cotton rugs

LOVE these colors!!!  the fabrics were so yummy and furry - I waned to crawl up on that shelf and take a nap!


Is he a stud or what? Look at him! He knows he's a hunk of a horse!

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