Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Natural, Neutral, and Xpensive

Sooo, over at KMI were working on this little 1350 sq. ft jewel box by the beach.  It's costing a pretty penny to build.  Check out the tile for the kitchen back splash. Gorgeuo$!  I can't wait to start it only took a year plus to get the permits.  The bummer is... I need to cut the budget  back by A LOT!  Where the heck do I start???   Did anybody say BUDGET CUTS??? Stay tuned.  Hopefully we don't muck it up by pulling some of these fab tiles.   There's no way I'm getting rid of the French Oak floors.
Like it's my final decision! LOL

kitchen back splash

glass tile - field tile for master bath shower & cabinet finish

Hardwood Floor - French Oak

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