Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Suzani Obsession

I know some of us, including myself were grabbing suzanis from whom ever and wherever to
beautify our clients home in 2010.  Unfortunately.... some of them were so costly that it wasn't affordable for everybody.
Well now it's not the case!  The resources, as usual, are coming to surface making the market a little more competitive and obtainable.  There are so many ways to utilize these vintage pieces. Here is how we have used them in the past.  

We picked up these little beauties from Uzbek that we thought would be fabulous to put in AAM!! How beautiful would these be on a huge ottoman like this?

Traditional black, red and burgundy Silk embroidery on hand loomed ivory cotton
- 110" x 82" - $595.00

Fabric -  Rich Brown and Black tones embroidery on hand loomed ivory cotton
- 110 x 84"  - $425.00



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